India, Germany agrees to enhance cooperation in innovation, technology
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India, Germany agrees to enhance cooperation in innovation, technology

India and Germany have the vision to enhance cooperation in innovation, technology, and research which aims at benefitting humanity. This cooperation was agreed upon by Prime Minister Modi and Chancellor Olaf Scholz, according to the joint statement released by the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA).

Today, PM Modi and Chancellor Scholz agreed to deepen and widen this cooperation and to work towards a roadmap for innovation and technology with a view to using scientific and technological knowledge for the economic development of both countries as well as to address global challenges.

India and Germany share a long history and both countries share the responsibility for global peace, stability, sustainability and prosperity.

India and Germany reaffirmed their close ties through the India-German Green and Sustainable Development Partnership (GSDP), and acknowledge the positive and proactive roles of the governments, institutions, academia and industry on both sides, which has led to the emergence of Germany as one of India’s prime partners for technological collaborations. They highlight the following flagships of cooperation, on which joint efforts will continue to focus.

According to the statement, India and Germany recognize the role and importance of science, technology and innovation in socioeconomic development, and emphasize the progress being made in ongoing projects.

They recognize the increasingly critical role of technologies in responding to key challenges of our times, which include inter alia climate change, biodiversity loss, land degradation, extreme weather events, pollution, energy security and achieving long-term sustainable development and growth. They are convinced that common goals can be better achieved through close cooperation, building on the individual strengths and capacities of both partners.

Looking at today’s working and economic world, India and Germany agree to further develop their comprehensive economic relations in a spirit of equality and reciprocity. They are committed to further development and improvement of an enabling environment for innovation

The initial focus areas of Indo-German cooperation are innovation, technology and economy. India and Germany pursue the common intention of advancing the energy transition in both countries with the aim of achieving a socially just, ecologically and economically sustainable, secure and affordable energy supply, reducing their dependence on imports of fossil fuels and decarbonizing their economies.

India and Germany appreciate the progress achieved under the Joint Declaration of Intent (JDI) on ‘Indo-German Green Hydrogen Task Force,’ signed during the sixth Indo-German Intergovernmental Consultations (IGC) between the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy (MNRE), India and the Ministry for Economic Affairs and Climate Action (BMWK), Germany on May 2, 2022, to strengthen mutual cooperation in production, utilization, storage and distribution of green hydrogen.

Collaboration between India’s Department of Science and Technology (DST) and Germany’s Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft (FhG) on Green HydrogenIndia and Germany welcome the signing of the Letter of Intent by DST and FhG, according to which both institutions intend to cooperate on, inter alia, Hydrogen Energy Clusters being set up by DST, integrating FhG’s technologies with Indian technologies, and long-term technology development in the areas of renewable energy.

India and Germany acknowledge that digital technologies and solutions could address key development needs and highlight the potential of these digital solutions to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) in other parts of the developing world. India looks forward to sharing digital solutions and expertise with Germany.

As per the statement, India and Germany recognize AI’s potential to enhance the work and lives of people, through its wide array of applications. The framework for cooperation in the field of AI is laid out in the Joint Declaration of Intent between the Indian Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (now the Federal Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Action) on 30 May 2017.

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