Manmohan Singh Lauds Pm Modi’s Leadership, Says ‘India Did the Right Thing…’
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Manmohan Singh Lauds Pm Modi’s Leadership, Says ‘India Did the Right Thing…’

Former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh has commended India, under the leadership of PM Modi, prioritising its sovereign and economic interests while while also appealing for peace. Appreciating India’s stand on Russia-Ukraine war, he said India has done “the right thing”.

He also pointed out at the increased importance of foreign policy in domestic politics compared to his tenure as Prime Minister from 2004 to 2014. Singh, invited to a G20 dinner, further emphasised the significance of diplomacy without being overly influenced by partisan politics during India’s G20 presidency.

Speaking to The Indian Express, the 90-year-old former PM said, “I am very glad that India’s rotational chance for the Presidency of the G20 came during my lifetime and I am witness to India hosting world leaders for the G20 summit. Foreign policy has always been an important element of India’s governance framework, but it is fair to say that it has become even more relevant and important to domestic politics today than earlier. While India’s standing in the world should rightfully be an issue in domestic politics, it is equally important to exercise restraint in using diplomacy and foreign policy for party or personal politics.” 

Noting the India has done “the right thing” on the Russia-Ukraine issue, he added” When two or more powers are caught in a conflict, there is immense pressure on other nations to choose sides. I believe India has done the right thing in putting our sovereign and economic interests first while also appealing for peace. The G20 was never envisaged as the forum for settling security-related conflicts. It is important for the G20 to set aside security differences and keep its focus on policy coordination to tackle the challenges of climate, inequality and confidence in global trade,” he said.

On India’s relationship with China, he said, “It is not right for me to offer advice to the Prime Minister on how to handle complex diplomatic matters. It is unfortunate that the Chinese President Xi Jinping has chosen not to attend the G20 summit. I hope and believe the Prime Minister will take all steps necessary to protect India’s territorial and sovereign integrity and defuse bilateral tensions.”

Source : Mint