Indian Journalist Calls ‘Kadhi Chawal’ Overrated and Food Police Have Arrived With ‘Belan’
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Indian Journalist Calls ‘Kadhi Chawal’ Overrated and Food Police Have Arrived With ‘Belan’

What Idli is to Southern India, Kadhi Chawal is to everyone in the North. It’s that go-to comfort food, the knight in shining armor, rescuing us from the aftermath of heavy paneer extravaganzas and culinary adventures beyond our comfort zone. This spiced-up combo of curd and rice is like the cool cousin of the ubiquitous ‘dal chawal,’ bringing flair and simplicity to every Desi plate. However, when an Indian journalist deemed ‘Kadhi Chawal’ somewhat overrated, the food police promptly arrived, armed with a ‘belan’ (rolling pin), making it clear they wouldn’t tolerate such a personal insult.

“Another very mediocre north dish that people go on and on about: Kadhi Chawal,” wrote Shiv Shiv Aroor on the micro-blogging site ‘X’, formerly Twitter. Yet, much like his other food critiques that sizzle and fizzle, this one sparked a full-on flavour feud in the comment section.

“Looks like nobody put ghee in his kadhi chawal,” teased one user. “I am flabbergasted to hear that you’re not a fan of Kadhi Chawal. Now, I know tastes vary and everyone has their preferences, but I must say, it’s a bit perplexing! Kadhi chawal is practically comfort food perfection, isn’t it?” exclaimed another.

“Add Gheee and have it with pickle. Come back here and tell how u felt,” suggested the third. “You sound like you’re in trauma my dude. Did you not have a single decent cook around you growing up or what?” quirked the fourth.

And then, there were a few who sided with the OP, with one boldly stating, “Kadhi chawal is like poha. All hype and no taste and both needs bhujiya on top of it.” Another chimed in, “Agree. Totally! Rasam Chawal is much better option than Kadhi chawal!”

Source : News18