Nordwind Launches Flights from Orenburg and Samara to Dushanbe
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Nordwind Launches Flights from Orenburg and Samara to Dushanbe


The Russian airline Nordwind will supplement its schedule this spring with regular flights to Dushanbe from Samara and Orenburg, as well as from Krasnoyarsk to Bokhtar, according to

In particular, the flight Samara – Dushanbe, starting from March 31, will be carried out on Fridays.

Departure from Samara will be at 6:45, arrival in Dushanbe – at 11:00 local time, travel time will be 3 hours 15 minutes. The plane will depart from Dushanbe at 12:30.

Another flight Orenburg – Dushanbe will start flying from April 30, on Sundays. Departure time is scheduled for 8:30 and arrival at 11:00.

Already from the capital of Tajikistan to Orenburg, the plane will depart at 12:30, the journey time is 3 hours.

Information on ticket prices is not yet available.

This Russian airline also plans to start flying from Krasnoyarsk to Bokhtar from May 3rd.

Flights will be operated once a week – on Wednesdays.

According to Nordwind, the travel time will be 4 hours.

Recall that Nordwind passengers also have access to direct flights to Dushanbe from Kazan and Ufa.

Source: Asia Plus