China Says Australia-UK-US Cooperation on Nuclear Submarines Could Spark Arms Race
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China Says Australia-UK-US Cooperation on Nuclear Submarines Could Spark Arms Race

Cooperation between Australia, the US and the UK on nuclear submarines could spark an arms race, China’s defense ministry said. It is reported by Reuters .

“Once the Pandora’s box is opened, the regional strategic balance will be upset, and regional security will be seriously threatened,” said Tang Kefei, spokesman for the Chinese Defense Ministry.

This month, the United States, Australia and Britain released details of a plan to provide Australia with nuclear submarines from the early 2030s to counter China’s ambitions in the Indo-Pacific.

“China strongly opposes the creation of the so-called “triangular security partnership” between the US, UK and Australia. This narrow circle, dominated by the Cold War mentality, is useless and extremely harmful,” Tang said.

He added that such cooperation is a continuation of the nuclear deterrence policy of individual countries, a game tool for building an “Asia-Pacific version of NATO” and has a serious impact on peace and stability in the region.

Earlier it was reported that Australia, the US and the UK presented a multi-year AUKUS project. Canberra will buy US military submarines of the Virginia class, while Britain and Australia will build and operate the new SSN-AUKUS class over time.

The US, UK and Australia have formed a security alliance – AUKUS. The decision of the three countries is systemic and is caused, among other things, by the desire to counter the growing political, economic and military influence of the PRC. Viktor Konstantinov reflects on the creation of a tripartite defense alliance   in the article ” Three Knights Against the Chinese Dragon “.

Source: ZN,UA