India Is Rained By Thousands Of Worms Falling from The Sky, What Sign?
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India Is Rained By Thousands Of Worms Falling from The Sky, What Sign?

Recently a strange phenomenon occurred in the eastern Indian state bordering Nepal.

This phenomenon is the presence of thousands or even millions of worms that fall from the sky like rain so that the city streets are covered with worms.

Reported by the New York Post, it can be seen that the worm covers the road by crawling.

The worms scared the local residents, because the white worms covered the streets.

There were no victims in this phenomenon, it only frightened residents and stayed indoors.

This phenomenon, according to Riverside Claire Thomas Federici, a botanist, revealed that the incident was called catkins, where the worms came from trees in the area.

“Catkins resemble caterpillars and are often described as worm-like because of their squiggly structure,” he said.

Strange occurrences with the emergence of these animals is not the first thing in the world. Previously also happened in China and Norway.

In 2015, thousands of worms also descended from the sky in the southern region of Norway.

Then, in March 2023, the same incident also occurred in China, in Lianing Province to be precise.

The incident in China showed worms coming down from the sky to make Chinese people afraid, there was even a resident who used an umbrella to escape.

Worms are a bilateral animal with a long cylindrical body. Many people feel amused or disgusted when they see worms, especially in large numbers.

Based on biology, worms are included in the Venus taxon and are invertebrate animals, namely animals that do not have a backbone.

Source : Radar Mukomuko