Another Cross-border Marriage: Pak Woman Ties Knot With Indian Man
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Another Cross-border Marriage: Pak Woman Ties Knot With Indian Man

Move over Seema Haider and Anju, this Pakistani woman’s online marriage to an Indian man is now the talk of the town these days. Karachi-based Ameena decided to tie the knot with her Indian fiance Arbaaz virtually after having failed to obtain an Indian visa for her marriage.

Ameena and Arbaaz’s marriage is another tale of cross-border relationships which have hogged limelight after another Pakistani national Seema Haider along with her four children sneaked into India via Nepal in May to be with her partner Sachin Meena in Greater Noida. On the other hand, 35-year-old Anju travelled to Pakistan‘s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa to meet her lover Nasrullah, whom she later married.

According to Live Hindustan report, Jodhpur resident Arbaaz’s family are related to Ameena’s family in Pakistan. A member of his family is already married to a girl from the neighbouring country.

“A grandson of mine is a chartered accountant, who is married to a girl from Pakistan. Seeing their happiness, Ameena’s family asked our son’s hand in marriage, which we accepted”, Arbaaz’s father Mohammad Afzal said.

According to reports, Arbaaz along with his procession reached Jodhpur’s Oswal Samaj Bhawan where he tied the knot with his bride virtually. The groom’s father Mohammad Afzal, a contractor by profession, said the marriage was held in a simple way with less expenses.

“Ameena will apply for visa. I didn’t marry in Pakistan as it would not be recognised and we would have to remarry on reaching India. A bride for Pakistan does not get an Indian visa to get married. Hence, we got married online and obtained a certificate from the cleric, which is legal”, Arbaaz, a DTP operator by profession, said.

Although the marriage has been solemnised, but Ameena is yet to meet her husband in Jodhpur. She will have to go through the entire visa and immigration process.

Source : Hindu Stan Times