Exclusive: NDTV Visits Food Bus Of India To Try Special G20 Menu. Join Us In The Adventure
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Exclusive: NDTV Visits Food Bus Of India To Try Special G20 Menu. Join Us In The Adventure

All eyes are on New Delhi as it hosts the much-anticipated G20 Summit, and the city is buzzing with excitement and energy. With world leaders and dignitaries converging on the capital, the city is adorned with dazzling lights and decorations, setting the stage for a grand event. Amidst the diplomatic discussions and global affairs, there’s another attraction that awaits – food, of course. The Food Bus Of India is one of the many places that is set to host visitors with its special G20 menu comprising a variety of world cuisine dishes. NDTV’s Shubham Bhatnagar and Sabrina Mathews decided to visit the Food Bus in South Extension to explore the menu.

The G20-Inspired Culinary Journey: 

A red-coloured double-decker bus turned into a restaurant was quite a visual treat. The Food Bus Of India is rolling out the red carpet for its guests with a special G20 menu that features an array of international dishes. From Kimchi Salad with Korean Fried Rice to United Kingdom Cold Coffee, Mexican Grilled Strips, African Crunch Burger Delight, Lebanese Veg Frankies, and more – the menu promises to take your taste buds on a whirlwind tour of global flavours. 

Talking about this exciting endeavour, Jitendra Gaur, Corporate Chef of Food Bus Of India told NDTV, “The menu is obviously inspired by the G20 summit in India.  We have curated the menu with special dishes from 10 of the G20 countries. Since a major part of the visitors includes the youth, we wanted to entertain them with our special offerings and help them learn about world cuisine. Because the best way to learn about a country’s culture is through its food.”

A World of Flavors and Delights: 

We also asked people visiting the restaurant about their experience and they seemed to be impressed by the exotic flavours and the vast variety to choose from. Shubham Bhatnagar and Sabrina Mathews from the NDTV team also sampled some dishes and loved them.  

Post a commentTravelling the world without a visa and passport – this is what you get in the Food Bus Of India during the G20 summit. Are you already making plans to visit it? 

Source : NDTV