Check Out! Hoy Punjab, Kochi’s Food in Free Verse Poetry
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Check Out! Hoy Punjab, Kochi’s Food in Free Verse Poetry

Hoy Punjab is a popular restaurant in Kochi that serves delicious Punjabi cuisine. They offer a wide range of flavorful dishes like butter chicken, naan bread, and biryani. It’s a great place to satisfy your craving for North Indian food! Check them out in free verse poetry.

Crispy Palak Chat

Leaves of green, fried crisp,

Palak chat, a delightful twist,

Tangy, spicy, a flavour so bold,

A snack that never gets old

Kadhai Paneer

Paneer, soft and creamy,

In a kadhai, sizzling hot,

Tomatoes, onions, spices unite,

A symphony of flavours, a pure delight.

Saag Murgh

Chicken simmered in saag,

Leafy greens dance with spices,

A dish that comforts and delights,

Saag murgh, a flavorful feast.

Dal Makhani

Lentils slow-cooked,

Butter and cream add richness,

Dal makhani, a true delight,

A taste that brings pure bliss.

Butter Chicken

Tender chicken, bathed in butter,

Rich tomato gravy, a flavour to savour,

Butter chicken, a classic Indian dish,

A culinary masterpiece, prepared with love and a wish.

Free verse is a form of poetry that doesn’t follow a specific rhyme scheme or meter. It allows for more freedom and creativity in expressing thoughts and emotions. It’s like painting with words, creating unique rhythms and imagery.

Source : The Times of India