Food Poisoning Sickens 60 Students in India’s Punjab State
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Food Poisoning Sickens 60 Students in India’s Punjab State

Nearly 60 children suffered from food poisoning after consuming the food provided in their school in India’s northern state of Punjab, a state government official said on Saturday.

According to the official, the students complained of stomachaches and vomiting, after which they were rushed to a government hospital in the state’s Sangrur district.

Some of the students were discharged after receiving the first-aid, while others were still undergoing medical treatment.

Following the incident, the district administration formed multiple teams comprising officials from health and education departments to probe the matter.

The local police said a person in charge of providing the food has been arrested, and an inquiry has been initiated against him to know the cause of food poisoning.

According to media reports, initial examination by medical practitioners revealed that the students had consumed contaminated food, which led to food poisoning. 

Source : English News