Flavors of India: a Guide to Airport Lounges With the Best Food
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Flavors of India: a Guide to Airport Lounges With the Best Food

Flavors of India: A guide to airport lounges with the best food

India, a nation celebrated for its culinary diversity, goes beyond traditional boundaries to offer a delightful journey of flavors, even within the confines of its airport lounges. These spaces have evolved into culinary havens, each reflecting the unique culinary identity of the region it represents. In this guide, we explore the gastronomic wonders awaiting you at airport lounges in India, right from Delhi to Goa.

Hyderabad’s spice symphony

Known as the City of Nizams, Hyderabad beckons travellers with its aromatic biryanis and rich curries. Rajiv Gandhi International Airport Lounge in Hyderabad mirrors this culinary richness. The fragrant Hyderabadi Biryani steals the spotlight, offering an explosion of flavours with every mouthful. Irani Chai, a traditional Hyderabad tea also completes the experience.

Bengaluru’s cultural fusionCredit: iStock

Bengaluru’s cultural fusion

As the Silicon Valley of India, Bengaluru seamlessly blends tradition with modernity, and its airport lounge at Kempegowda International Airport is no exception. The lounge offers a cultural fusion that mirrors the city’s diverse population. Right from the masala dosa to Thalassery biryani, Bengaluru has a lot to offer.

Goa’s coastal charmPhoto courtesy: Canva

Goa’s coastal charm

Goa, a coastal haven, welcomes travellers with open arms, and its airport lounge is a reflection of the region’s vibrant culinary heritage. The lounge at Goa International Airport, also known as the Manohar International Airport, provides you the opportunity to savour the laid-back vibes of Goa, complemented by its authentic culinary treasures. The lounge takes you on a journey through the coastal charm of the region, one bite at a time.

Mumbai’s melting potPhoto courtesy: Canva

Mumbai’s melting pot

Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport in Mumbai mirrors the city’s vibrant and cosmopolitan culinary scene. The airport lounge is a melting pot of flavours, offering a selection of dishes from various regions of India. Right from the iconic vada pav, Mumbai’s street food gem, or relish the aromatic pav bhaji for a burst of flavors. The lounge in Mumbai serves as a preview to the city’s dynamic culinary ethos, where traditional dishes seamlessly blend with global influences.

Delhi’s taste bud extravaganzaPhoto courtesy: Canva

Delhi’s taste bud extravaganza

Indira Gandhi International Airport sets the stage for a grand symphony of taste coupled with finesse. One of the prime lounges here Encalm Privé is renowned for transcending the ordinary, offering an escapade for food lovers that is unmatched. Delhi is famous for its chaat, and the lounge here offers live chaat counters. Whether you crave the robust flavors of a perfectly spiced Biryani or the delicate nuances of international dishes, everything is available!

Source : Times Of India