China’s Naval Base in Cambodia is ‘not a Cause of Alarm’ for India: Former Navy Chief
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China’s Naval Base in Cambodia is ‘not a Cause of Alarm’ for India: Former Navy Chief

In a bid to assert its claim over the South China Sea, China has established a new naval base in Cambodia. The development comes as China’s another move to assert their claims over the territories of South China Sea and given that Cambodia is located close to Strait of Malacca, this may even impact India’s maritime security. But, former Chief of Naval Staff Admiral Arun Prakash sees this as another move to achieve the “China Dream.”

While talking to LiveMint, Admiral Arun Prakash said that the development is not a cause of alarm for India and must be seen as the part of larger vision of Beijing who wants to attain the status of Super Power status by 2047 or earlier. 

‘Not a cause of alarm’

“This is an interesting development for India, as well as the larger the Indo-Pacific region, but not a cause for alarm. I say this because, the development of Cambodia’s Ream port, with Chinese assistance, is just another step in Beijing’s unfolding grand strategy for achieving the “China Dream”, or attainment of Super Power status by 2047 or earlier. The CPC had realised at an early stage that an essential prerequisite for achieving the China Dream was for China to become a maritime power,” Admiral Arun Prakash said. 

“In pursuit of the latter aim, China has focused on every aspect of maritime power. Today, it has the world’s largest naval force, the largest merchant navy & the largest coast guard, all supported by an extensive & very productive shipbuilding industrial complex,” he added. 

‘No need to enter naval race with China’

The former Navy chief said that India does not have the need or the means to enter in a naval competetion with China and our current geographical location provides us enough dominance over the entire Indian Ocean region. 

“India has neither the need, nor the means to enter a naval race or competition with China. India’s fortuitous geographic location dominates the Indian Ocean and its compact but robust & professional navy is quite capable of protecting its maritime interests in the Indo-Pacific. For far too long we have focused on micro-security issues like border disputes & cross-border terrorism,” Admiral Arun Prakash opined.

“The real struggle for balance of power in the Indo-Pac region will take place in the maritime domain. We must bring sharp focus on our navy & provide adequate support/resources to various components of India’s maritime power,” he concluded. 

Source : Live Mint